Aviation Solutions: Custom Made

Aviation Solutions: Custom Made

About us

RheinMain Flightcenter, the premium flight school and high-end charter company in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area, is focused on demanding flight students and charter customers, having the highest expectations with respect to safety, quality, and equipment of the aircraft as well as a need for customized solutions, flexibility and individual service. 

We have by far the youngest and most state of the art fleet of self-owned aircraft in the wider area, so that even for training you have the choice from the small top-modern Aquila (two-seater; even this one with ultimate avionics, glass cockpit, dreamlike other equipment and night flight permission) over the legendary Cessna (four-seater; with us with ultra-modern digital high-end glass cockpit Garmin 1000 and full IFR certification) to the super-fast and comfortable Cirrus (beautiful and fast travel aircraft of your dreams with top equipment, IFR certification and the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System).

As a charter customer, you also have access to our flagship, a Cirrus SR22 Turbo, unbeatable in this class in terms of performance and the only one in the wider area.

Flight Training

We are focused on discerning flight students, those with high professional demands and need for flexibility and individual service, and those with a need for maximum efficiency. With us, you will find neither club-typical phenomena (work assignments, construction hours, membership fees) nor quantity-focused standard handling by the flight school on aircraft that you are unlikely to charter after having gotten your license. We rather understand that you have little time and ambitious goals, that you don’t appreciate commodity handling and average and that you are used to, and strive for, the extraordinary. We are just like you and have exactly these views. That’s why we stand for highly efficient training on the highest quality and ultimately equipped aircraft with tailor-made training concepts, that makes you enjoy the material as well and will bring you safely and straight to your goal – just as you are used to.

Our flight instructors are outstandingly qualified – most are commercial or airline transport pilots – and most have many years of experience in pilot training across all licenses.

In addition to normal flight school operations, RheinMain Flightcenter has been the leading Cirrus flight school for many years. Learn to fly on Cirrus, get a Cirrus Transition Training, and charter the largest, and only self-owned, Cirrus fleet in the broader area. There is no need to deal with a so-called Cirrus Training Center – our Cirrus Training with the most experienced Cirrus Instructors is competency based and will bring you to proficiency in the most efficient way.

Fleet of Aircraft

The youngest and most state of the art, and the only self-owned, fleet of aircraft in the wider area

Our Location

Frankurt-Egelsbach: The most important General Aviation Airport in Germany

Am Flugplatz 8
63329 Egelsbach | Germany

T : +49 (6128) 8606862
F : +49 (6128) 8606861

Our Customers Say

„Perfect team, perfect location, perfect service, perfect airplanes…“ (E.K., Facebook)

„Best flight school in the world!“ (N.F., Facebook)

Outstanding training with top flight instructors – on the best aircraft. It’s incredibly educational, really personable, and two things are the focus: safety and fun. What more could you want – except more time to fly? RMFC training is something you can wish every private pilot!

J.-C. W., Google

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